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Firmly established as one of Malta’s favourite jewellers, we bring together an unsurpassed range of quality products at an exceptional value. Customers will find an extensive collection of diamond, gold and silver jewellery.

We also have an inspiring selection of gifts for every occasion and budget.
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Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment.

Warren Giordanos Collection

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WG one is a unique collection exclusively found at Jewelbox. This collection is hand designed by Warren and inspired from the Maltese Heritage. It is crafted in silver 925, then plated in rhodium, yellow gold or rose gold and completed with zircons.
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Warren Giordano
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Line Argent

In this collection, you can find all kinds of jewellery made in Silver 925. Designs that go from avant-garde to great classics 
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Jorge Revilla

This is a new Spanish brand, evolving and increasing its popularity quickly with its stylish and modern designs, all in Silver 925. 
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Victoria Cruz

This is a Spanish jewellery brand made of Silver 925 and Swarovski crystals. The designs are born from great creative minds in Valencia Capital, inspired by the latest trends. 
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With over 90 years of experience, UnoAerre has achieved world leadership and established its first class reputation for quality and reliability thanks to the efforts of generations of goldsmiths and designers. This company is famous for its wedding rings. 
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Each piece of this collection is made in a traditional way but above all it is inspired and designed in an emotional way. Beyond a jewel, a piece can become a symbol of how wonderful it is to feel loved.  
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New collection from Spain
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